Conversation Assignment

What are the greatest benefits and challenges of teaching in the new curriculum?

  • Benefits:
    • The new curriculum is more relevant to the 21st century (more technology)
    • The new curriculum encourages more transdisciplinary teaching and learning
    • More focused on competencies as opposed to content – competencies such as communication, thinking and personal & social development
    • Ignites a new motivation for teachers to learn something new
    • The new curriculum is more wide-ranging – covers a broader range of skills
    • Gives both students and teachers more autonomy – teachers can therefore pursue their own interest’s/students interests
    • Curriculum promotes inquiry – a new way of teaching
  • Challenges:
    • Not enough support/training for the new curriculum
    • Training days aren’t planned well – ministry needs to give more direction
    • The new report card is a whole new system, which requires time commitment in order to learn
    • New concepts to learn
    • Having to explain the new curriculum to parents

What questions/concerns do experienced teachers have about implementing the new curriculum?

  • Some people don’t like it, because they feel as though someone else is telling them what to do and to change the way they teach
  • Q: Where/what are the resources available for the new curriculum?

What do experienced teachers want to communicate to parents about the new curriculum?

  • We want to get parents excited about the new curriculum
  • We need parents to understand that implementing the new curriculum is going to take time and that there may be some issues at the beginning
  • That the new curriculum will better prepare their children for future success
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  1. Isabeau Iqbal says:

    Thank you Sarah! Many benefits, but challenges are big. The alignment (or lack of) between report cards and curriculum approach will be problematic, as you point out.

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