Peer Review of “Metastasis”

To: Taras Shyp

From: Precilla Huang

Date: Sept 27, 2019


Peer Review of “Metastasis”


Dear Taras:

Initial impressions upon reading definition of “Metastasis” is that there is enough amount of information on the subject matter for general understanding of the word. In addition, the graph provide has clearly summarized the content as well as visualized how metastasis works. I like the part where history of the word was described as most medical terms have historical origins. I was actually looking for such information earlier on in the parenthetical definition section and was pleased to find it in the later section.  Overall, well written definition; however, there are some parts where minor revisions could help for better understanding.


  • A glossary would be useful to have at the end, for reference, given the amount of medical terms involved. For example, “malignant cells” is a vague concept but with further explanation as “abnormal cells that could divide without control and invade other nearby tissues”, it would enhance the concept of metastasis


  • Under expanded definition, the sentence “to metastasize the group of malignant cells should acquire the ability to leave the primary site and move elsewhere to the distant body organs to form metastases” sounds akin to circular definitions.


  • Under expanded definition, the sentence “Circulating in blood or lymphatic system tumor cells evade the immune system through various mechanisms” would sound better if rearranged to “tumor cells, circulating in blood or lymphatic system, evade the immune system through various mechanisms”


  • Under expanded definition, the sentence “The migration of tumor cells mostly unpredictable, but to invade cancer cells need to adhere to the wall of the blood vessel and then they migrate through it. Finally, getting into another tissue cancer cells start to grow and form a colony, which is the final phase in the malignant tumor progression (4)” would be clearer if broken down into shorter sentences.


The purpose for this definition is clearly stated and the definition did not stray from that purpose. Also, the process of “metastasizing” is also clearly explained. I enjoyed learning that when cancer cell metastasizes, the secondary location of the cancer is still earmarked as the originating cancer cell in the example given about lung cancer cells in brain.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to reading your revised definition.

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