Peer Review of Erfan Ahmed’s Formal Report Proposal

To: Erfan Ahmed

From: Jason Smith

Date: October 16, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of Erfan Ahmed’s Formal Report Proposal


Hi Erfan, I have completed reading your formal report proposal about reducing household waste and carbon emissions.  As a Vancouver resident myself, I find this to be a topic that should be made aware to many others.

First Impressions:

Your proposal is coherently written and very informative, it contains a systematic flow starting with your problem statement and dives deep into your solution and methods. The findings provide the necessary citations in order to solve a problem of this complexity. Overall, my main suggestion is the scope you are assessing. I personally suggest adding additional scopes which probe ideas around how to get citizens to engage in eco friendly acts. Overall, this is a great proposal and I can’t wait to see your final report!



All in all you created a very coherent flow starting with your introduction and slowly diving into the scope and finally your methods. I don’t see much room for improvement here.



The introduction you wrote definitely provides a clear overlook of what your subject is trying to solve. Making the reader and myself aware of the issue pertaining behind global warming is a great way to help understand what the problem really is, especially for people not educated on this topic.


Problem Statement

I personally like how you gave government statistics, however I don’t see any citations for where you found this information. Other than that, you provide a great analysis which include quantitative values, making it much easier to understand the problem domain.


Proposed Solution

Your proposed solution is very well defined and flows quite coherently from the problem statement itself.



The format of your scope is well defined, however I would include more questions pertaining to what the city itself can do in order to make citizens more aware, as this is a problem everyone must solve as a team, considering you state that “households” must participate.



Your methods are perfect for what you are trying to solve, I don’t have any suggestions for this section.


Your qualifications definitely match the criteria needed for this formal report. No suggestions here either.


I like how you briefly summarize up the problem statement once again. Again, no suggestions here.


I hope my recommendations and suggestions are helpful, good luck with the formal report!

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