Memorandum: Best Practices for LinkedIn


To: Team Typephoon

From: Usman Zahoor

Date: October, 19

Subject: LinkedIn Best Practices Memo

Hello Team Typephoon,

I was actually recruited for an internship through LinkedIn and I thought I’d share my own personal recommendations, as well as external findings regarding Best Practices.

  1. Have a strong summary. It helps you stand out amongst thousands of candidates. Keep it relevant to your desired position and make it interesting.
  2. Copy what works for other people.
  3. Understand that having a good profile requires effort and hard work. Be willing to put in the time and energy.
  4. Keywords matter. They help recruiters find you. The more relevant keywords you have, the more you stand out.
  5. Add personal projects. They add character to your profile.
  6. Keep your profile up to date. As you gain new experiences add them to Linkedin.
  7. Use a custom URL. Little things like this add professionalism to your profile.
  8. Use a good profile picture.
  9. Don’t be afraid to show off your accomplishments.
  10. Try to connect with many people.

These are some of the things I actually put into practice when creating my LinkedIn. Although it took me quite a bit of time and a lot of effort, it was well worth it. I hope you found some of these helpful and good luck with your profiles!

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