Writing with You Attitude Memo

To: Evan Crisp, UBC Student
From: Jojo (Syau-jing) Huang, ENGL 301 student
Date: Nov 21, 2019
Subject: Tips for Writing Effective Email Messages to the Professors


Here’s the memo you wanted on writing email messages to the professors. These principles result in a more effective email.

Tips for writing emails to the professors

Effective emails to the professors follow these guidelines:

  • Including a concise subject with the course number and the purpose.
  • Using a professional email address, such as the UBC email.
  • Addressing the professors with their titles and last name, such as “Prof. Lambert”.
  • Focusing on the subject and avoiding unnecessary information.
  • Using polite and professional tone instead of slangs and abbreviations.
  • Explaining the request with justifiable reasons.
  • Expressing respect and appreciation to the professors for addressing your requests.
  • Concluding the email with appropriate closing statements, such as “Best Wishes” and “Sincerely”.
  • Signing off with the full name and the student number.


Email is an essential tool for communication between students and professors. Following these tips can help us explain our requests to the professors effectively and concisely. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at xiaojing@alumni.ubc.ca.

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