Writing with You Attitude-Memo to Evan Crisp


To:  Evan Crisp, UBC Student

From:  Tarandeep Atwal, ENGL301 Student

Date:  November 22, 2019

Subject: Best Practices for Emailing Professors


Here are some best practices for emailing professors.  These tips will help to create more professional looking emails.


Tips for writing emails to professors

  • Using an academic email address identifies the mail to be safe and not spam
  • Filling in the subject line with course number and brief inquiry establishes priority of email
  • Addressing the professor with a greeting, title and last name is a polite gesture
  • Keeping the writing content clear and concise makes it easy to follow and quickly readable
  • Using professional tone in communication conveys the aim clearly
  • Writing only relevant information to the inquiry saves reader’s time and gathers attention for action
  • Excluding slang and abbreviations in the writing
  • Proofreading for any grammatical or punctuation errors prior to sending the email
  • Ending the email with an appropriate closing like Sincerely or Best Regards
  • Writing full name and student number so the professors can know the sender


Emails are an effective and convenient way of communication.  The above-mentioned best practices help us to communicate effectively and professionally with the professors.  For any questions, you can email me at t.atwal@alumni.ubc.ca




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