3.2 Formal report draft


To: Team BEAD, ENGL 301 Writing Team

From: Brian Wang, ENGL 301 Student

Date: December 4th, 2019

Subject: Brian Wang ENGL301 – Final report draft

Dear Team BEAD,

The first draft of my final report can be found attached to this memo and is emailed to my peer, Andree, for review.

My report includes:

  • Introduction section that includes the background information needed to understand the problem
  • Two result section summarizing my findings
  • A proposed solution section showing solutions performed to solve the two problem stated
  • Finally, a conclusion section summarizing what was performed and future work to be done

I look forward to incorporating your helpful feedback in improving my final report. Thank you for your time in advance and please let me know by replying to my email (brian.wang@alumni.ubc.ca) if you have any questions.

Enclosure: ENG301_BrianWang_FinalReport_draft

(Word file of the final report exceeds the document upload size limit therefore only a pdf version is attached.)

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