Lesson 3.2: Draft formal report


Date:       December 4, 2019

TO:          Team BEAD member of ENGL 301

FROM:    Emily Leung, Student of ENGL 301

Subject:   Draft formal report for review


Dear Team BEAD,


Please find attached the initial draft of my formal report on enhancing collaboration and communication between sustainability student groups at UBC. A copy has been emailed to my peer reviewer, Diane Keyes.

The draft report comprises the following components:

  • a working title and title page;
  • a table of contents;
  • an introduction with the background of the problem being examined, the purpose and significance of the research, as well as the methodology;
  • results of the survey received from six sustainability groups on campus;
  • references in MLA style to secondary sources; and
  • a list of conclusions and recommendations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at emilyleung1997@gmail.com.



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