Peer Review of “Enhancing Participation of Educators in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair Committee”

To: Janice Pang, Student of ENGL 301

From: Emily Krisnamurti, Student of ENGL 301

Date: December 8, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of “Formal Report Draft – Enhancing Participation of Educators in the Grater Vancouver Regional Science Fair Committee”

Formal Report Draft:

I have received your formal report draft on “Enhancing Participation of Educators in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair Committee” and the following will be some recommendations and feedback in hopes to help in creating your final formal report.


First Impression

  • Overall, your writing was concise, straight-forward and easy to understand.
  • Everything was very detailed, and all the visuals are all relevant to the goal of your report.
  • All of your recommendations are in line with your results.
  • As a whole, it does not look like a draft, but instead the final report.


  • The introduction provides a short but comprehensive background about GVRSF and it’s importance. This is really great start in bridging into the problem the report wants to identify.
  • Great job listing down the questions that the study will answer, it provides readers a sense of focus and what answers to seek throughout the report.
  • A great and concise descriptions of method. Simple yet effective.
  • An interesting addition to the introductions – limitations and delimitations. Perhaps, this would be fitting to put in the conclusion, as it would provide a chance for the readers to read the whole report before diving into what could be evaluated from the research. But otherwise, a very good addition to the whole report.


  • The results as a whole is very informative, relevant and thorough.
  • The organization of the results, with subheadings made it easier for the readers to understand what points you are making next.
  • Great job putting in visuals and references to figures to support your analysis.
  • The description of each figures before thoroughly analyzing the findings is also a good way to organize the dense result section.


  • Since all of your interpretation and analysis of the results are in the result section, the conclusion remain precise and to-the-point which is very easy for readers to understand.
  • All the recommendations are relevant and coherent to the data analysis and findings you provided in the result section.


  • The whole report was very organized in a way that was easy for readers to follow.
  • The smartest organizational factor that was especially helpful was in the result section. Bolding subheadings to highlight the main finding and point is a great method of bridging to the next point.
  • Overall, the organization of your report provides an effective transition.


  • The writing style of the report was objective and positive through-out.
  • All of the paragraphs did not have run-on sentences, and was very straight-forward.


  • All the designs were correctly and effectively labeled.
  • The designs was all relevant and was given explanation to why it is important to the report.
  • All the figures are also in the same color-scheme which particularly gave a great professional aesthetic to the whole report.

Overall, the formal report on “Enhancing Participation of Educators in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair Committee” was great, and did not have significant improvements to add other than considering whether limitation and delimitations would fit better in the introduction or conclusion. The reason for this feedback is because most report provide evaluation of the methods of the report on the conclusion, perhaps this factor could be discussed further with Erika. Other than that, great job creating a very well-thought out report.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact me at


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