Peer Review of Morgan`s Formal Report Draft

To: Morgan Brandt, English 301 Course Student

From: Taras Shyp, English 301Course Student

Date: December 11, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of Formal Report Draft: “Analysis of Hour Allocation and Job Satisfaction

at SW Event Technology”



Dear Morgan,

Thank you for submitting the formal report draft for review. Reading your report on “Analysis of Hour Allocation and Job Satisfaction at SW Event Technology” would be profitable for every person who is involved in scheduling management. Here below you will find the feedback on the report draft with suggestions.


First Impressions

The formal report draft is well-written and provides the reader with constructive information, including the state of the issue, research work for elaborating recommendations and thoughtful suggestions for improving allocation efficacy and flexibility of staff. The most meaningful idea, which also would be beneficial to implement at my workplace is scheduling junior and less experienced employees with skilled personnel.


The report provides up-to-date information and suggestions on how to improve job allocation that would be positive for the managers and personnel of the company. All conclusions supported by figures obtained from the survey and interviews or references from second sources. However, some tips on report content will improve your communications:

  • Introduction
    • reformatting of the “Purpose of the report” subsection by including the aim of the report, as the subsection mainly focused on the relevance of the problem
    • adding reference for data sources (e.g., in Introduction for “History of SW Event Technology”)
    • Reorganizing the content of the subtopics in which given information is more appropriate for the research proposal (e.g., scope of the inquiry, some statements in the “Method” subsection)
  • Data section
    • Including interviews and survey questions in the data section (or appendices). 


The overall organization of the report is well-formed and accomplished according to the established rules of technical communication. However, adding the below suggestions will help to refine the report organization:

  • Title page
    • increasing the font of the headline of the report to distinguish it from other information
    • adding contact information for the reader
  • Table of contents
    • separating the subsection ”Recommendations” in a separate section would emphasize the result of your report
    • including in the table of contents the “Appendices” section with the “References” subsection will make the content and layout of the report more credible for the reader
  • Introduction:
    • reorganizing of the “Method section and “Data sources” in one subsection, as the literature research is also one of the method for creating a report
  • Data section:
    • rephrasing the headline of the section Feasibility analysis in Data section


The style of the report is easy to read and illustrate YOU attitude with a positive tone across the whole report. The grammar and language of the report are free from errors and misspellings. Nevertheless, using the next proposals will improve the overall style of the report:

  • changing punctuation: in the “Seasonal hour allocation comparison” subsection on page 12 a period instead of a comma.


The figures in the data section are well-designed and effectively integrated into the print content. However, using the next suggestion will make the report more reader-friendly:

  • unifying the font style across a whole report (e.g., in “Current scheduling” subsection there is a difference in a font style)
  • rephrasing the title of the figures and eliminating the questions from the survey which accompanied the figures


Overall, the report is well organized and implementing given recommendations in the company`s scheduling strategy will improve the allocation of labor and increase the satisfaction of employees. Looking forward to reading the final version of the report as I could not provide compete feedback on the report as some of the subsections are finishing (as you mentioned earlier). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at


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