Progress report

To: Erika Paterson

From: Huntley Bain

Date: December 12, 2019

Subject: Progress Report for Formal Report

My report will be researching and evaluating how colour experts at Sherwin-Williams can increase sales. Pending approval, the report will be addressed to the District Manager of Sherwin-Williams Laura Libetore. The Report will outline suggestions on how to improve this service and increase sales.

This report will provide suggestions on how Colour experts can increase sales through better training and advertising. Currently, there are colour experts in America for Sherwin-Williams that are much more effective, and their methods can be applied to Canada.

As a fortune 500 company, Sherwin-Williams is always looking for ways to increase sales. This report will be able to provide suggestions on how they can do this through the Colour-Expert Position.

Outline of Research:

Observing the current training and role of the colour experts:

– How are they being trained? How often is the service used in the stores?

Conducting surveys:

-A Asking colour experts, managers and sales reps of how they view the program


How is the USA training their colour experts? How is Benjamin Moore’s process different?

Primary Data

Online Research
– Surveys

Secondary Data
– Research on the American Colour Experts and

Upon approval from Professor Patterson, I will be sending these surveys, and start analyzing the data. As this progress report is late I hope to have my data collected by the 15th and can put together a draft by the 16th and that way I will be done my final report on time for the 19th.

Links to surveys:

My survey introduction is as follows:

I am an undergraduate student at UBC conducting a research project for my technical writing course.  The purpose of this survey is to obtain primary data for an analysis and investigation that aims to provide recommendations to grow sales through the Colour-Expert position at Sherwin-Williams. The final formal report will be addressed to Laura Libetore, the Sherwin-Williams District Manager for Metro Vancouver. In addition to online research of competitors, the data collected in this survey will help provide suggestions on how Sherwin-Williams can increase sales through the colour expert position. The survey contains 10 multiple-choice and short answer questions, and it should take no more than 5 minutes. Your responses are voluntary and anonymous. Thank you, I appreciate your time in participating in this survey.

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