Peer Review of Chelsea Walsh’s Application Package

To: Chelsea Walsh, ENGL 301 Student
From: Huntley Bain, ENGL 301 Student
Date: December 17, 2019
Subject: Peer Review of Application Draft

Your application package has been reviewed as instructed in lesson 4.1. The job seems like it would be a good fit considering your qualifications outlined in your package. Feedback for your application can be found below. Overall, great start with your application package!

First Impressions:

When first looking at the package it is organized and easy to follow. Your resume is strong and is not too cluttered. The application package is missing a cover letter. Adding this will complete the assignment.

Job Post: 

The job posting is clear. It shows the requirements of the position and what the role entails. The MLA citation is correct as well. Great job!

Cover Letter:

Your cover letter is well written, outlines your skills and experiences while showcasing your personality. The letter clearly outlines the initiatives taken in previous positions. Additionally, all the skills outlined are relevant to the position.


Your resume meets the requirements outlined in our textbook, Technical Communications. The structure is easy to follow and outlines previous experiences clearly. One suggestion would be adding months and/or years to the positions. For example, the Strategic Planning Intern position has 2019 beside it. If you add months to the year, employers will be able to see your duration at the position which can be relevant.  Overall your resume looks great.

Requests for References: 

Your letters are kind and well thought out. There are a couple of areas for improvement. Firstly, they are missing is the date. Adding a date will be useful as the recipient can see when the letter was written in order to respond in a timely manner. Secondly, providing a time to call you can make connecting easier rather than having to coordinate a time at a later date. Other than those minor issues, great work.

Grammar and Spelling:

I could not find any grammar or spelling mistakes. Well done.

Final thoughts:

Overall your application package is strong. Some suggestions are:

  • Add a cover page
  • Add timelines to your positions
  • Put a date on your request for references
  • Let your references know when you are available to chat at the end of your letters

The position seems like a perfect fit for you. If you have any questions regarding my feedback, please email me at Best of luck with the application process!

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