Web Folio – Andree Coschizza


To: Team Bead

From: Andree Coschizza, ENGL 301 student

Date: December 19, 2019

Subject: Web Folio Creation


I would like to invite you to take a look at my newly created web folio, located here. Among other things, this web folio includes:

  • a biography
  • my application package to the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics
  • my online resume and LinkedIn profile link
  • ENGL 301 unit reflections
  • a collection of my best work from ENGL 301 assignments

It has been a pleasure working with you all this term. I’ve appreciated growing and sharing feedback with you, and am proud of the work we’ve accomplished together. I hope we keep in touch and feel free to reach out if you ever need help editing in the future!





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