Another Wellness Afternoon has come and gone. Check out the
ES Events page on ES Connected, which is the new home for all our ES Vancouver event photos (including Wellness Afternoon), dating back to 2014.

2019 ES Wellness Afternoon might have been our best yet, thanks to a record number of ES-lead sessions. We are fortunate to have had so many talented and generous colleagues volunteer their time to lead a wide variety of fun activities.

A huge thank you goes to:

  • Jessika Baroi
  • Oana Toma
  • Jason Kwok
  • Adrian Lee Chuy
  • Cassie Dominic
  • Joseph Dubec
  • Jon Tsang
  • Stephanie Oldford
  • Tara Drage
  • Christoper Eaton
  • Alana Shramm
  • Katja Clark
  • Alex Lau
  • Annie Yim
  • Stephanie LePage
  • Selene Buendia
  • Cara Low
  • Jin Lee
  • Ariel Lee
  • Verina Zhang
  • Cicy Guimond

We’d also like to express our sincere thanks to the many individuals who offered to help set-up, clean-up, move tables, and provide general assistance to Ashley and Coby during the event. We apologize if we’ve missed anyone in the following list, which only includes those we asked to help. Many others volunteered, but the number of volunteers exceeded our need for assistance.

Thank you for volunteering to help ES Wellness Afternoon run smoothly:

  • Shawn Chang
  • John Bryant
  • Richard Ho
  • Paul Poole
  • Scottford Price
  • Claudio Storelli
  • Christine Williams
  • Judy McGuigan
  • Alvin Oh
  • Raymond Kaan
  • Andrew Arida
  • Paola Baca
  • Defne Corbacioglu
  • Zenia Ferreira
  • Melissa Carr
  • Lena Ignatovich
  • Natasha Latter
  • Debbie Lin
  • Xin Lu
  • Heather Mitchell
  • Erica Shimizu
  • Cheryl Tyler