Set up your work space properly to help alleviate pain and injury caused long term sitting, and improperly aligned work equipment. UBC Human Resources offers staff a few ways to learn how to set yourself up for a more comfortable and body-friendly work space.

Ergo your office guide

Click through the animate gifs to view how to set up all of your office equipment from the your armrest to the height and distance of your computer monitor.

Consult your unit’s Ergo Rep (or become one!)

The Ergonomics program at UBC strives to have an Office Ergonomics Representative for each department. They provide the training  and material required for reps to promote, educate and ensure musculoskeletal health in their departments.

Office Ergo Reps are trained by the Ergonomics Coordinator in simple computer workstation set-up, signs and symptoms of injuries from poor ergonomic set-up and control strategies to reduce or prevent symptoms.

Find out if your unit has an Ergo Rep

Learn how to become an Ergo Rep

Additional Ergonomics Resources

Visit the HR Ergo Resources page to learn how to change settings on your computer to better meet your needs, tips for commuters, and links to websites and applications that will remind you when to get up, stretch, and take a break.