The Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) Student project has travelled a long and winding path since UBC first started its search for a new Student Information System (SIS) over a decade ago. As you know, UBC’s SIS is homegrown, over 25 years old and has a rich history of its own, but that’s not the story we’re telling today. In our IRP Student Takeover of ES Connected, we want to introduce you to our team, our project, and our helpers behind the scenes.

You may have found yourselves asking, what is IRP Student about anyway? What is all included in the scope of the project? And while we’re not giving away all the details in this takeover, we are excited to share an overview of the “what” and “when” of the project in the article “IRP Student Scope and Timeline.”

Some of our team members have been on our project since it was known as the Student Academic Systems Initiative or SASI. Since that project started and merged with the HR and Finance Renewal into IRP, our team has since grown and changed, and we’d like for you to get to know us in the article “IRP Student Team.” We’ve got some pretty interesting facts about our team, so before you dig into this article, take a guess at how many years of combined experience our team of 29 has at UBC (don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging, the answer is in the article).

You may be surprised that there are actually six different teams within in IRP that work together to make all the magic happen. In our article “IRP Streams and Teams” you can learn about the teams working behind the scenes.

With a new system comes new terminology, so we have a fill-in-the blank exercise for you to learn about IRP and Workday Student terminology. Read our article “Learning the Lingo” to build and test your knowledge about IRP Student terminology.

Lastly, all for fun, try and match the IRP Student team member to their pets.

Thank you for reading!

The IRP Student Team