IRP Streams and Teams

The Integrated Renewal Program was formed when the Student Academic Systems Initiative (SASI) and the HR and Finance Renewal Projects combined in 2017. When these projects joined forces, the IRP streams were formed: Functional Student, Functional Human Resources (HR), Functional Finance, Organizational Change Management (OCM), Project Management Office (PMO), and Solutions Design and Delivery (SD&D). All of the IRP streams work together to implement Workday.

The Student, HR and Finance Functional teams are responsible for engaging a broad range of UBC stakeholders to co-create the future, design and configure Workday to suit UBC’s needs and identify transformative opportunities to improve service delivery for students, faculty members and staff.  Now that Workday HR and Finance have gone live, those teams will roll off of the IRP, with many members joining the Integrated Service Centre, which will be UBC’s central maintenance unit for Workday.

The OCM team is responsible for developing and leading strategies that ensure stakeholders (students, faculty and staff) are ready and able to adopt new business processes and the Workday product. OCM develops tools and resources related to engagement, training, communications, and end user readiness to support a smooth transition to new ways of working in the future. OCM also includes Benefits Realization Management, which allows IRPs to structure its efforts towards delivering benefits and mitigate any threats to achieve program success.

The PMO is responsible for keeping the Program on track in terms of budget, resourcing, timelines and deliverables. This team plays a critical role in managing risk, interdependencies and close collaboration with the functional areas and OCM to align engagement activities with Program and Workday deployment timelines.

The SD&D team is responsible for the data migration and data integration within the UBC technology ecosystem, including operational reporting and security.

The IRP also works closely with the Application Ecosystem Program (AEP), which was created to ensure ongoing business continuity with applications outside of Workday as we move to the new Workday platform.

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