IRP Student Project Scope and Timeline

The IRP Student project is organized into four scope areas: Admissions, Records and Advising, Learner Financial Management and Learner Financial Support, plus leadership and support. Each scope area has its own team to implement modules that fit into their scope. When designing and configuring a piece of the module that impacts another scope area, we call it cross-functional. An example is how registration in a given number of credits impacts both tuition fees and financial aid eligibility.  Our teams collaborate to design the pieces together.


The Admissions team is responsible for implementing Undergraduate Admissions related functionality. This includes application processing, evaluation, admittance and refusal, and matriculation of admitted students.

Records and Advising:

The Records and Advising team have ten areas of functionality to implement, including Assessment Outcomes (i.e. grades), Curriculum Management, Enrolment, Graduation, Learner Management, Program Planning, Progression, Registration, Scheduling and Transfer Credit.

Learner Financial Management (LFM):

The LFM team is implementing the Learner Financials functionality of Workday, which includes setting up tuition and student fee rules, calculation of tuition and fees, sponsorship, payments, refunds, debt management, tax slips, U-Pass, and reconciliation.

Learner Financial Support (LFS):

Also known as financial aid or LFS for short, the Learner Financial Support team has the job of implementing parts of two different systems. One is the Award and Loan Disbursement in Workday and the other is Award and Loan Management, which will be supported by another software (known as a point-solution). Both systems will be integrated with each other to allow the flow of information back and forth as necessary. We are working through the procurement process with UBC IT and IRP Sponsors to find the right point-solution for UBC.

Leadership and Project Support:

This group includes our Directors of Transformation, the UBCO Director, project management, and change management. This team supports our team and the UBC community to deliver a quality project on schedule.


The IRP Student team is currently in the Architect stage of the project, which continues until the end of January 2021. In the Architect stage we are working on designing functionality in Workday that is applicable to the most common type of student and program at UBC, which we call the “common path”, along with a few other specialized programs and types of students. This gives us chance to design the foundation of the system and gain a comprehensive understanding of how UBC will use Workday. It also provides an opportunity for us to give feedback to Workday about some areas that may need improvement, and to consider processes at UBC that can be improved and streamlined. After Architect we move into the Configuration and Prototype stage, when we will continue to build out UBC’s use of Workday across all areas, including those that weren’t included in common path. After that comes a lengthy and rigorous testing stage, leading up to our eventual deployment.  We haven’t yet determined the right timeframe for going live with Workday Student, but expect to in the coming months.


The image below shows our high-level timeline.

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