Did you know that the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technologies (CTLT) produces a monthly Indigenous Initiatives newsletter geared towards not only the teaching and learning community, but also those who are interested in Indigenous initiatives and decolonization efforts in higher education, and for community partners and stakeholders?

The content within the monthly newsletters is selected and curated by members of the CTLT Indigenous Initiatives team to share out to the community to help support their learning journey and professional development in Indigenous engagement in teaching and learning.

Items are selected and curated because of their relationship to the themes and current topics the CTLT Indigenous Initiatives team sees in their work. These items provide different perspectives on teaching pedagogies, classroom climate, and bridging knowledge gaps at UBC that surround Indigenous perspectives and topics. It is also an opportunity to share the team’s events and ongoing work within UBC and community partners.

To sign up for this newsletter, visit: indigenousinitiatives.ctlt.ubc.ca/about/mailing-list

Some highlights from the June newsletter include:

Celebrating Pride and National Indigenous Peoples Month – a reminder that this is a valuable time of learning with all the celebrations and events taking place this month. Here are some of the resources shared in the newsletter for learning on these topics:

Indigenous Initiatives Virtual Coffee Drop-ins – Do you have questions about how to intentionally and thoughtfully bring in Indigenous content and worldviews into your work? Are you wondering about how to navigate land acknowledgements in a virtual and in person world? Visit the CTLT Indigenous Initiatives team at a virtual coffee drop-in, a casual online space for you to ask questions, connect with others who are exploring the same topics of you, or just to get to know the team behind Indigenous Initiatives.  

Upcoming drop-in sessions:

Kinship Corner – Many forms of grief have been brought into Indigenous communities and the lives of Indigenous people especially in the past few months. CTLT created a resource to support Indigenous Kin around the annual Women’s Memorial March in February with important resources for Indigenous staff, faculty, students and community partners in support of the impacts of grief and its related challenges. Read more

Event Opportunity: Perspectives on Reconciliation with Dr. Pamela Palmater Presented through the KPU Dialogue series: The KPU Indigenous Dialogue Series 2021-2022 is a 4 part speaker series intended to bring together all members of the Kwantlen community—students, employees, affiliates, and the general public; settler and Indigenous—to listen, learn, and engage with Indigenous scholars, activists, and leaders. Register

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