UBC Student Emergency Support

Posted on behalf of Jeff Hsiao

The COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously impacted each and everyone’s lives.  Particularly for students, it could mean loss of jobs to pay for basic expenses like housing and food.  Since March 17th, 2020, over $1 million emergency bursaries have supported over 1,400 UBC students across Vancouver and Okanagan.

Student Communication

There are dedicated Enrolment Services webpages for students to explore various resources and services offered at UBC.  Students are able to navigate through various of topics to know how UBC is supporting students not only financially (such as through Emergency financial support, Impact of awards, loans and tuition) but also academically through Credit/D/Fail, and managing mental health during the outbreak.





Thanks to the incredible generosity and support from donors, UBC has able to raise over $146,000 for Vancouver students, and $20,000 for Okanagan students, as of May 7th 2020.

Vancouver: https://crowdfundraising.ubc.ca/projects/support-ubc-students-during-covid-19/

Okanagan: https://crowdfundraising.ubc.ca/projects/support-ubco-students-during-covid-19/

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