Four Hiking Spots to Restore Positive Vibes

Posted on behalf of Cheryl Ye

During the quarantine time, we had to work from home and keep social distancing. Grocery shopping became the event that I anticipated the most because I got to see the rest of the world once a week. I missed passing through the trees at the main mall, walking around Rose Garden and breathing the fresh and cool air at Wreck beach. That was the moment I felt losing the connection with nature, and I started to understand how the earth had brought me positive energy. Now, it is time to restore the good vibes!

I would like to recommend some places with gorgeous views that I am eager to re-visit.

Whytecliff Park is located close to the Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. It has a rocky type of beach. When the tie is low, you can reach the large rock, Whytecliff Island, through the rocky steps. Soak up the sun, and enjoy the stunning sunset there.

Lighthouse Park is also situated in West Vancouver. It only takes about 20 mins to walk down to the bottom. My friends and I also enjoyed walking a bit further to the west corner. You can look back to the lighthouse and with Vancouver downtown as the background. Bring some snacks and sit on the big rock, waiting for the brilliant and vibrant color raising.

Iona Beach is located in the north of Vancouver International Airport in Richmond. I usually enjoy the early morning or afternoon walk on the Iona Jetty. It is about 4km into the strait. One more bonus is that Iona Beach is a perfect spot to watch airplanes take-off and landing!

Panorama Ridge is located in the Garibaldi Provincial Park, which is about 2 hours drive from Vancouver. I am fascinated by the breathtaking scenery there. Through about 30km round trip hiking trail, you are surrounded by bushes, forests, meadows, mountains, and the turquoise Garibaldi Lake! Before the hike, it is essential to prepare enough clothes, water, food and emergency items. Get yourself prepared, enjoy the spectacular views, and restore your positive energy!

Photo Credit: Ardis Liu

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