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The Myaamia Project

The Myaamia Project, started in 2001, is an exemplary model of tribally controlled education  supporting Myaamia cultural and language revitalization. The project has developed as a mutually beneficial partnership between Miami University and Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. In-depth research conducted at the university supports a wide range of Miami community language and cultural initiatives, benefiting every Miami tribal member who has an interest in Myaamia language and culture. Meanwhile, undergraduate and graduate students gain a wide range of experiences through direct involvement with the planning, development, delivery and follow-up of research projects. Most, if not all, of the developed materials are freely available to anybody who would like to use them (See the recently developed Earth & Sky Curriculum for an example); and anybody who wishes to contribute is welcome to join the project.

Center for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research

Center for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research

This website is housed and maintained by Athabasca University. The Center for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research has the following goals:

  • Meet academic needs of Indigenous students, scholars, nations, communities, institutions and organizations
  • Improve the development and delivery of Indigenous Education at Athabasca University
  • Strengthen the research undertaken for, by and about First Nation Metis and Inuit People at Athabasca University
  • Acknowledge and develop the role of traditional knowledge in academic settings
  • Support, protect and preserve Indigenous Knowledge, Education and oral traditions

Athabasca University is Canada’s open University offering over 700 online courses and 90 degrees, diplomas and certificate programs with flexible start times.

The Center for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research provides a support and resource network for indigenous students taking Athabasca University courses and programs in their homes, communities or Nations.