Critical Analysis of “Top 10 IT issues”

I decided to do my critical analysis on “Top 10 IT issues”.  My primary reason for choosing this report is because I do come from an academic background and I have had some brief dealings with the IT group.  I had got a sense from my dealings with them that they were always under pressure and there was always a lack of appropriate personnel.  From reading this report I can see why.  The report helped me to understand the constraints that they are under while trying to evolve their intitutional IT program to meet the ever-evolving changes of technology. 

While I don’t think this particular report would solely help my professional success, I do think it something to keep in mind when developing applications for either schools or post-secondary institutions.  If I was a company who was developing courseware for post-secondary institutions, I would keep these issues in mind and ensure that I create a platform or program that can easily be incorporated into the instution without taxing IT’s already dwindling resources.  Furthermore, these types of reports can tell me what kind of resources and support would need to be provided to institutions.

While this report speaks about the pressures IT groups face in a general way, I think it is important for companies to know the unique IT issues each institution faces.  Depending on its size and available funding, IT groups in different institutions may face different issues. 

The report also made me think about the IT issues faced by elementary and secondary institutions.  I believe that the report was addressing the concerns in post-secondary institutions, but I am sure that many of the issues raised can affect elementary and secondary schools even more.  The public school system faces numerous funding issues and they do not have the luxury of having extensive IT groups that post-secondary institutions have.


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