Learning Technology Trends

Connie Malamed, writer of the eLearning Coach describes ten technology trends in her “Learning Technology Trends To Watch In 2011” report. In this report she explains how these technologies are being and can be used in professional learning environments, who is using them and hypothesizes on what to expect in the future.

As someone who is still relatively new to the world of education, I found this report to be very insightful. Malamed does not go into a lot of detail when describing each technology trend but instead gives an overview, allowing for the reader to get the basics and then follow up by conducting their own research on any topic that may interest them. I appreciated that when describing less common topics such as Virtual Worlds and Augmented Reality she went into a little more detail and provided links to the specific books or topics she was addressing.

Along with this report, the general “the eLearning coach” website appears to have some useful information that would be valuable for most educators, as the website is clear, easy to read and navigate through and the reports aren’t too long as it’s just an overview.  I would keep following Malamed and recommend her for anyone looking to keep in touch with the educational technology world.

Posted in: Week 02: The Edtech Marketplace