With a tag-line of Simple Solutions, Real Results, eInstruction was founded in 1980 by Dr. Darrell Ward. Prior to founding eInstruction, Dr. Ward started the Computer Science program at the University of Mississippi, had faculty teaching and research positions at Texas A&M, The University of Texas System, and the University of North Texas.

eInstruction focuses on the use of student response systems in education with the creation of a handheld “clicker” system called CPS™ (Classroom Performance System™). Today CPS™ remains the leading student response system in education, used by more than 5 million students in K-12 and higher education classrooms around the world.

However, as we speak now, Steve Kaye is the the CEO and president of the company. Kaye has more than 20 years’ experience managing technology and development-stage companies. Before joining eInstruction in 2006, Kaye served as President & CEO of Centice Corporation, a venture-backed optical sensor manufacturer spun out from Duke University. He previously worked at CIENA Corporation as a vice president of corporate development


eInstruction technology gives administrators the ability to instantly capture, grade, report and analyze student performance data. The company offers educators and administrators a family of software, student response systems, interactive whiteboards, mobile interactive whiteboards, and powerful enterprise-based administrator tools. eInstruction’s research-based solutions have been shown to increase student engagement and achievement while providing real-time actionable feedback and performance data to educators and administrators. eInstruction extends its reach to milllions of instructors and students in 500,000 K-12 classrooms and more than 1000 higher level global educational institutions in over 90 countries spanning over 40 languages.


Having analyzed this venture, I am truly inspired by it as I too have educational entrepreneurial ambitions. The fact that its global scope is so wide and many languages covered, this venture will act as my springboard to launch my personal project when that time comes around. The deep penetration it has taken into the educational sectors globally with cutting-edge and modern tools has also showed me how much they have done global marketing research. There must be a high level of credibility associated with this venture based on its scope indicating that it is the ideal model to follow.

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