Although I grew up with both a computer …

Although I grew up with both a computer and nintendo I have never really taken to gaming and now would still rather learn through reading or interacting socially. For myself as a learning I find these more beneficial and associate gaming with leisure and it does not engage me as a learner as much as I get the sense it has some of you after reading all the previous posts.

However, there was on computer game I can vividly recall that I did love as a child and I believe had a significant impact on who I am today (so I guess I shouldn’t count out gaming all that much considering it had such a great affect on me).  As a child I was always fascinated by foreign countries, different geographical and cultural landscapes and travel. When I was around 8 or 9 I got the computer game “Where In the World Is Carmen San Diego?” I was glued to this game. In this game there is a woman who is a world-famous thief and you are international detective and must use clues to follow her to different countries of the world and arrest her various partners in crime. Along with the game came a book that had a map and listed countries and all sorts of information about each country. I learned all about different countries, their currency, where they were on a map, the language of the country. I truly believe this spawned my love and curiousities throughout my youth for travel and culture. Now the game has become a TV show and there is an interactive online version I found when I was looking it up.

This game is the only one that I can say really had a significant impact on my learning as a child, at least that I am conciously aware of.  Another I can remember using but not the name game we used in school with these keyboard-like stand-alone machines, but if I remember correctly I didn’t enjoy it and did it because I had to.

Here is the version I had on my computer as a child.

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

To add to this I just remembered one more game that contributed to my game-based learning as when I was younger. Although this game didn’t engage me nearly as much as the one previously mentioned.

Midnight Rescue

A game that developed reading, writing and critical thinking skills of Grade 3-5 students. Based in a school the character (another detective. I must have wanted to be a detective when I grew up.) must take pictures of evil robots and answer questions in clues in order to solve the mystery of which robot the villian is in before midnight or the school will disappear.

Midnight Rescue Video

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