Spent and 3rd World Country

I played Spent and 3rd World Country and I have to say that that while both of these games were teaching about the choices we make in life, I enjoyed playing 3rd World Country a little bit more.  

With Spent I just felt very hopeless by the experience.  I know that was the point of the game, so that people will give to the charity, however, the structure of the game did not sit well with me.  In the game I tried to make some good choices, but the message that I ended up leaving with was that no matter what smart choices you tried to make you were inevitably going to fail, so I wondered why even try?  I know that this was not the intention of the game designers, but it was what I felt.  I also felt very led by the game and there just was no way out.

In the case of the 3rd world country game I really wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do initially.  After a little trial and error I figured things out.  I would say that I enjoyed this game a little bit more than Spent.  There was an element of hope, whereas in Spent it was designed to give a sense of hopelessness.  The problem with Spent was the hopelessness kind of made me want to give up and I don’t think anyone should leave a learning game with that mindset.  The good thing about the 3rd World game was that there was a little bit of hope and I felt like I learned more in that game. 


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