Chess, Monopoly and Chinese Checker

 I think the playing of games is a very good activity. I have being playing games as far I can remember, both board and electronic games. I remembered playing an electronic car game as a teenager which has helped in driving skills, decision making and avoiding collisions. Since recently, I have being playing three electronic games; chess, monopoly and Chinese checkers which I found to be helpful after especially a stressful day. Sometimes, I play these games with my wife especially Chinese checkers. This I found to build communication and amiable competition, thus a better relationship.

As a mathematics and physics lecturer, I encourage my students to play chess, Chinese checkers and other games which develop problem solving techniques. Since my students have started playing certain games, I have seen improvement in their reasoning ability. As result of the positive effects of games, I have encouraged my student-teachers to start using games as a part teaching activities on teaching practice. In addition, I have directed them to online games that will enable them to teach concepts such as kinematics and electricity.

 I think electronics games are very good tools in:

• developing amiable competition among students;

 • providing real life experience; • developing problem solving skills;

 • developing patience; • developing the ability to follow instructs;

 • developing logical thinking; • providing relaxation;

• developing numeracy and literacy;

• developing computer skills.

Posted in: Week 05: Game-Based Learning