Simple Mind

My first game console was an Atari. There were 2 games that I often play: Pac-Man and Tank (not sure the exact title).

At that time, a game was just another form of entertainment for me. It had no educational significance.

My Atari became lonely when Family computer came out. Let me see if I remember some of the games I played …

  1. Airplane (After Burner) – not sure of the title. I recall it was an air combat simulation using modern fighter planes. Why did I like this game? I didn’t. I had a classmate who was into tanks, planes, guns, and anything related to the world war. He would talk about the events like a passionate historian. I did not understand where the passion came from. I only had a simple mind. So, I decided to play games that were related to war. I was hoping I would see and experience his perspective. Unfortunately, it didn’t.
  2. Tetris – I got bored after a week. The concept was simple – maximize the limited space as far as my simple mind is concerned.
  3. Ghostbusters – I enjoyed this game because of Slimer. While playing that game, I was also wondering if it was really possible to have ghosts.
  4. Pac-Man – I played this game for 3 reasons: (a) easy to play, (b) I wanted to get the highest score, (c) it involved ghosts
  5. Bomberman – I like blowing up things without the real consequences …every child’s fantasy? I am glad that my fantasy with bombs did not go beyond the virtual world.
  6. Spy vs Spy – I could not remember why I enjoyed playing this game.
  7. Ice Climber – the game made me think and there is a certain sense of adrenaline rush. Again, I did not think of this game as educational at that time. Even the concept of teamwork did not occur to me until now.

I skipped the  PC Games generation. I guess I was too busy trying to pass college at that time.

Stop – Forward – Stop – Play

After reading about different learning theories, I came to realize how games can be used to aide learning… But, there must be proper guidance.



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