E-books/e-reading Newbie? Not really.

I would say that my first encounter with e-book would be from subscription to a free one from a tech e-news letter, this was long before I ever heard about e-readers. About three years later, thanks to ETEC I encountered e-books not to mention Google scholar.

Between demands from news feeds, checking emails, ETEC course and work needs, more and more I find that I do a lot of reading off my blackberry or computer (electronically). This realisation has had me thinking about getting an e-reader. I am always on the go and do quite a lot of reading during my daily commute, so I figured an e-reader would help me carry less load. I had a back pain that tormented me for months from carrying a heavy text book for days on end and that made me decide to leave any heavy books at home from then on. What a relief it would be to know that I could carry tons of heavy books as e-books on a portable device and not worry about physical pain on my body.

I had an encounter with e-reader while trying to help someone surmount her technical challenges in order to access ebooks. I must say that I was taken in by the portability and features. Since then, I keep checking reviews of e-book reader brands to decide which to acquire. A friend of mine downloaded the Bible in modern English on her Blackberry and was showing me over thanksgiving telling me how convenient it was for her and she could access it anywhere, anytime and that finally did it for me. I am e-fascinated 🙂


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