Blog in Mathematics and Physics Classes

I started using blog since 2010. I have used both WordPress and blogger with my Physics and Mathematics students. But sadly since this semester, I have not used blogging with my students. I realized that whenever I used blogging with my mathematics students for the first time, they infrequently blogged. They only post comments and engage in the provided online conversation whenever there is a grade assigned to the online participations. In addition, I realized that the shy students communicate in online conversation more than face to face.

 The use of blogging in a class is very beneficial to both teachers and students. I was amazed of the effectiveness of blog on students when I was introduced to it in 2010. I found out that blogs:

  • Entice children who are shy;
  • Enhance literacy skills especially mathematics students;
  • Support learning of difficult concepts since all students are able to share their views on a particular concept;
  • Enable teachers to complete a course in the given duration;
  • Provide easy access to vital information on a particular topic;
  • Promote constructivism.
  • Provide an avenue for students express their views and revise for a test or examination.

In the coming semester I intend to use WordPress in a blended approach to teach my classes.

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