Blogs for Assignment Submission


I use blogs very regularly in my classroom practices since they are easy online space that give students the opportunity to create personal webpages of text, pictures, graphics, videos, and other multimedia with the same ease as creating a word processing document. They provide a space where people can post comments and engage in online conversations.

This semester I used WordPress as a space for students to upload all their assignments for the semester.  They will create an ePortfolio of their assignments.  The students find this activity quite intriguing and are highly motivated to work even harder.

WordPress is my favourite blog because of its ease of use.  It’s very easy for anyone to use the application.  I also like the features of WordPress, for example, you can create and manipulate category, theme, tools, widget, setting etc

Although blogger is easy to use, I have issues with it.  A blogger blog is not in your control. Its totally under Google’s control and Google may delete your blog for any reason.

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