Weightless as a Cloud

After finishing ETEC522, Andrew is 2 courses away from completing the MET program. Since the beginning of this program, Andrew has noticed differences in the way the MET courses have been organized and the ways he himself has organized his time.

To understand Andrew’s situation better, you need to know that he has a computer at home and at work, with an one hour train ride between both. His first MET courses included bulky weekly reading packages and textbooks. Andrew would drag these readings around with him where ever he went (while, ironically, reading in them about how beneficial digital/cloud based resources can be for education). During more recent MET course, however, the professors included more online readings and interactive websites. Suddenly, Andrew was finding him less constrained by bulky textbooks and scattered piles of reading packages. He was getting the same info (arguably even more) without the weight. In addition, with the money he saved from not buying texts, he could justify the purchase of an iPad to keep his readings all in one place.

The problem Andrew now faces is a consistent wireless connection. At home and work, he can access MET content without problem. However, on the train he also wishes he could work online (since the roaming wireless fees or tethering is very expensive). He can take the time to load and save everything onto his laptop or iPad, but this can often be time consuming and frustrating. He just wants to enjoy the clouds all day, without having to pay the Earth for them.

Posted in: Week 08: Files in the Cloud