Keisha’s cloudy Bio

Hello All,


I reside in Jamaica.  I am a Computer studies lecturer at Teachers’ College for over ten years. I will be completing the MET programme at the end of this semester.  I have a passion for technology and I also love teaching with technology.  I am also fascinated with “files in the clouds” since it provides us with the opportunity to store data and information online using internet technologies having to store them on software installed on a physical computer or other forms of storage media.  I often use Google Docs, Dropbox, and others regularly in my classroom practices. Daily I use email services from popular providers such as Hotmail and Gmail and these already provide cloud computing for free.  For example, these days, I backup my files in my email.  I have access to them anywhere I go.  Although I love the idea of cloud computing, I have some issues with it.  I often wonder for example if I can trust third parties to manage my files and encryption etc.  What are your view?

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