Cloud Computing – Appropriate in order to Innovate

Cloud Computing Experience

As a firm believer and supporter of the anytime, anywhere access to needs I have used and embraced cloud technology in my personal and educational use. The latter primarily through Google Apps: Email, Docs, Presentations, Group discussions, blogs and websites. I also use other email services with folder organisations for communication, storage and anytime, anywhere access. Skype is used for communication and Wordpress for anytime, anywhere access to content, discussions and sharing of ideas. I have also created and utilised online quizzes with immediate feedback and grading enabled. Prezi, Wikispaces and PhotoPeach are some of my other cloud in education experiences. In my MET courses I also experienced LMS through WEBCT and D2L, and teaching platforms such as Wimba Classroom.

Personally I use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms. My experiences in both realms have been positive with the challenges being more from the infrastructure and support for the technology rather than the technology itself. Hmmmmm….


Advantages and Positives

Online storage, which means anywhere, anytime access to information or stored material. The platforms/software can and are increasingly able to work with any device and any operating system (OS). Therefore, I/my students do not have to be restricted by hardware, software, or location.

Instructional methods have improved and students can interact with material at their own pace. They have expressed how much they enjoy this, particularly constructing and responding to blogs/discussions and interacting with the different resources (through hyperlinking). To facilitate the latter I try to use little or no uploads but rather links to information etc. already stored in the cloud.

This access has changed the way my students search for information, their desire to research and learn more as well as their access to unlimited potential (through access to information, tools and models) from which to platform their own ideas/methods.


The greatest challenge has been in the educational/administrative/financial support for infrastructure required for efficient use of cloud technology such as slow or internet connection at times, slow uploads and downloads, and an unreliable wifi. These factors have seriously affected accessing cloud material, which often disrupts schedules. The fight is ours however as I refused to be pushed to the paper, printing and writing that is totally unnecessary given the access to the wealth of technology available. The system must change for even greater efficiency, performance, and innovation.


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