Protecting the environment A major benef…

Protecting the environment

A major benefit of cloud computing is that it helps to protect the environment. It is a “going green” initiative. For example, schools can opt to use cloud computing for hosting jobs and storage that are Internet based such as email applications offered by Google or Microsoft Office Live instead of using their own physical servers. Although this move will save what little is left of the planet’s resources, there are concerns. For example, using clouds means someone controls how the application works and there in little or no flexibility in the way things are done.

Cutting cost

Cloud computing can leads to cost savings for schools especially at this time when technological efforts are being hindered by the high cost of technology, inflation, and limited funding due to budget cuts especially since the global recession of 2007. Cloud computing can reduce energy cost and the cost of acquiring hardware such as servers etc. Cost saving could be used in other areas that will benefit students.

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