A Few A3 Tips

Responding to a few offline questions I’ve received about our upcoming A3 assignment I offer the following few focusing tips:

– remember that the topic of A3 should be an ‘original’ venture, either an entirely new venture or an entirely new direction for an existing venture;

– your role is to act as the visionary CEO of the venture; your objective is to persuade an audience of EVAs of the outstanding viability of your venture in terms of the venture analysis techniques we have studied;

– your elevator pitch and venture pitch are aimed at investors (people who might invest in your venture) not customers (people who might buy your product or service); and

– 522 isn’t concerned with spreadsheets and profit projections, so only take the financials as far as you’re comfortable (including leaving them out entirely if you wish).   It is completely fine to  informally (without any math) summarize what you consider to be the major issues or opportunities in terms of prices, revenues and expenses.

Hope this helps.  Further questions welcome.


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