D2 – Ipad

Is there a market for this technology within education?


I believe iPad would have a place in education. But, it needs support.

The educators need to be creative in how to use iPad in their class. Without proper guidance and strategy, the learners might end-up taking class pictures and uploading them to Facebook.

Secondly, appropriate applications should be provided. The application can be web or install base.

If it is install base (from App Store), then we definitely need the support of the developers to come up with applications we could use in class.

If it is web base, there are several Web 2.0 tools that we could use to help us create our content and make it “web presentable”.

Some might argue that there are existing games that can be used to explain certain concepts. Example, Angry Birds to explain the concept of trajectory, This could be true… but .. to what extent. Can it explain the mathematical aspect behind the concept? Does a learner really learn trajectory when playing Angry Birds or something else ?

hahaha … It think as a class we might put up a new Venture. Developing Learning Applications for iPad. Our team would be different because we are practitioners. 🙂  (sorry, out of topic)

Do I use or want to use iPad in my class? No.

Hold on! don’t get upset.

I teach programming and the language we are using is not supported in iPad.

Secondly, it is difficult to write long line of codes in a “little” screen … and it becomes even smaller when the virtual keyboard appears.








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