Discussion 3 – The machine, the apps or the demand, which changed the game?

Is the ipad a game changer?

I believe the ipad has changed the environment in terms of support and demand of users for supporting software/packages in completing tasks. The game change therefore lies in the apps and structures associated with the ipad. I remember reading an article in which someone joked that an ipad user, for just about anything, would say: ‘is there an app for that?’ This I believe is the revolutionary difference with the ipad, the structure that comes with it in which there are a myriad of applications that support users in accessing information and facilitating further development, particularly increasing independence and opportunities for self-paced and self-directed learning and management. In this way the education system will also be perhaps forced to redesign in such a way that content and delivery are associated/created with supportive software/processes/channels within which learners can engage in active and self-directed learning in flexible, anytime, anywhere access that is directly linked to content and can be navigated as needed by the user.




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