Is the iPad a game changer? Possibly.

Is the iPad a game changer? I would have to say yes. Now the sci-fi nerd in me thinks back to the original Star Trek (I’m going somewhere here!) where they utilized an instrument called the tricorder. Now what this instrument did was act as a fancy computer that basically gave the user the answer to nearly any question they were looking for. Essentially this is the iPad (but with better graphics, of course.)

But I’ve digressed. In terms of education it is a game changer, although I am reluctant to call it revolutionary, and I don’t believe that it’s reached its potential yet. Personally, as it stands now, I see it as a computer without a keyboard or mouse. Yes, it has a newer and more hands on way of computing, but the apps haven’t been that revolutionary (to me) yet. They are (with a few exceptions) regular programs that you use your fingers with. I believe that the future generations of iPad software will take advantage of the interface and utilize it in newer ways. Until then I see it as an easier to use computer, which is an accomplishment though.

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