Culminating week 9

Hello everyone,

The members of the team for week 9 would like to thank you all for your participation. The goal for this week was to critically examine and evaluate the potentials of iPad as an educational tool. The discussions for this week showed the advantages and disadvantages of integrating iPads in education. These are the primary ideas that came up in this week discussion:

Advantages Disadvantages
  •  Easily engage students with learning
  •  High Cost (not everyone can afford to purchase an iPad)
  •  Promote individualized learning
  •  No Flash reader
  •  High portability and mobility
  •  Interoperability (iPad apps does not function on both the traditional computer and the iPad)


  •  Internet access
  •  Apps, games, for Education
  • eReading (articles, books, news)
  •  Facilitates innovative content creation (maps, outlines, and special needs education).
  •  Out of date very quickly. New versions are being developed in short terms (one year from iPad 1 to iPad 2).
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