Activity 1: MET and positive PBA

The MET program is definitely centred on PBA in that students are heavily involved in creating a product, which forms the basis of assessment, versus the use of a tool to show learning. This is one of the positives of the MET program in that, being product centred, the program creates skills and tools that can be used directly within the teaching and learning process. The process allows for creativity, innovation, authorship and independence. Also, the type of assessment becomes more real world as the actual products are tools to be used in classes et al. This has been my particular experience in which courses and activities have/can be tailored to be utilised in class: courses/module development, digital media/story, cms/lms using Moodle, creating blogs, wikis and portfolios. The ETEC 522 adds yet another element which expands the education sector beyond the teaching and learning to product development for entrepreneurship.

The reflection element in all courses is pervasive. In creating portfolios insights and experience gained through creating products are explored.

The experience and type of learning, while creating the product, were very interactive and hands on in many instances which not only enriched my learning (Constructivism) but increased my skill set and toolbox. I have used almost every product I have created which makes the MET program for me a very worthwhile, fulfilling, and practical.



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