The Benefits of PBA in MET

Prior to the MET program I was introduced to PBA in other programs. However, this MET program is very helpful to me in clearly understanding the effects of PBA. The product based assessments that were a part of the courses I have completed including the first assessment of this course have proven very helpful to me in many ways such as:

  • It allowed me to show originality and creativity  especially in the development of a digital story.
  • It allowed me to incorporate most levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Development in a single project.
  • It allowed me clearly understand concepts in various courses I have done in this program, for example the MOODLE assignment of ETEC 565.
  • It assisted me to become aware of the relevant of the concepts in educational technology.
  • It allowed me to develop independency and tenacity to work on projects outside of jobs.
  • It allowed me to demonstrate my knowledge and abilities in a concrete way.
  • It allowed me to easily integrate reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • It helped me to develop patience when working with other persons on a project.
  • It allowed me to become more competent in the use of technology in the classroom.

In the MET program I have completed many products which include courses development, course material on MOODLE platform, development of cartoon on TOONDOO, portfolios, digital story, creating blogs and wikis. These projects have certainly created a platform for me to attempt a Ph.D program in the near future and become more involve in projects in my country that deal with technology.

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