What, when, where and how are you doing m-learning now?

Currently I use mobile devices for checking my email (answering students doubts, coordinating meetings, planning activities and assessments, etc.), for searching for information through Internet browser, watching videos, reading news, playing games, recording thoughts and songs I compose, and social networking. A few years ago I mainly used cell phones for talking, but now I barely use it for those purposes. I usually use my cell phone when I am on my way to work, walking on the street, waiting for some one, etc. I never use it in my classroom or when I am at a meeting and expect that my students do not use their cell phones in the classroom, except if we are working on an activity that explicitly needs de use of cell phones  (for taking photos, videos, etc.).

I was thinking on how fast the structure and the use of cell phones have changed from communicating through talks and messages to communicating through emails and social networking. And we not just share text, we can share photos, audio and videos. So, I’m looking forward to learn more about m-learning and its huge potential.







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