Day 1


At present I am not engaged in any form of mlearning, but from participating this week’s activities I have come to the realisation that Mobile learning is a great way to supplement teaching and learning and it poises to provide opportunities to do much more to enrich the learning experience as it is convenient to both teachers and learners, it is portable, compatible , engaging and fun.  While we have so many positives, the potential limitations of mlearning devices lingers considering that they are machines.  Some of these include,

  • The small screens of mobile devices which may cause a strain on the eyes
  • Battery life/charge of these gadgets
  • Many time hardware platform are not compatible which  makes it difficult to develop content for all.
  • It can be difficult to manipulate large and moving graphics
  • Devices can become out of date quickly since technology is advancing so rapidly
  • Poor bandwidth may result into limited access.

Mlearning extends the teaching and learning spaces beyond the walls of the  traditional classroom but these are some points to consider before we delve into this new learning trend.




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