Day 1

What, when, where and how are you doing m-learning now?

For the most part I use mobile learning in the classroom when I allow my students to use their cell phones as a dictionary or to look up some information.  At first I struggled with this as I felt that it was ‘cheating’ but the more I thought about it I realized that this was part of their everyday lives and I was giving them the tools to operate in their day to day lives. However, I drew the line at tests as I wanted to know what my students capabilities were not their cellphones capabilities.  

I also once tried to do a survey where students answered the questions on their cellphones and the results were supposed to show up real time but sadly it didn’t work so I never tried it again. 

         For myself, I’m always excited about mobile learning and I’ve downloaded many apps to learn German on my iPhone and for my A1 I analyzed a grammar app I would like to use for a reference when teaching my students in a classroom. 

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