A3 Postings and the Venture Forum

Hi everyone –

I’ve started to get questions about A3 submissions and how the Venture Forum next week will work, so I’ll try to summarize a few points here, and answer any further questions as replies to your replies.

As described more fully in section 4A (Venture Forum) our next week should be thrilling!  You will post your A3 pitches for everyone to see, and you will be asked to provide an EVA review of a set of peer pitches.  Recall that if you have some good reason why you don’t wish for your Elevator Pitch and/or Venture Pitch to be reviewed by the whole class, please email me and I can be the sole reviewer.  Otherwise, here are some details.


  • post your A3 Elevator Pitch into the blog using the “Week 13: Venture Forum” category.  The category is critical because it will activate the Pulse Press polling feature (so that your peers can ‘vote’ on your pitch).
  • either embed your Elevator Pitch media into the post, or provide a link to where it can be viewed.
  • you can also embed your full Venture Pitch into the post, but I’m guessing that will make it awkwardly long, so I’m recommending that you provide a link to the full Venture Pitch.  You can first upload it as media in ETEC522, or host it elsewhere.
  • if you don’t want your full Venture Pitch to be public, or publicly linked, you can ask that any students who wish to review it fully to email you privately for access, and then you can provide them a private link.
  • once everything is posted, please also email me a copy of your full Venture Pitch to let me know that you’re live in the Venture Forum.
It’s very important that you post your A3 by end of day tomorrow (Sunday) because I can’t ask students to review your pitch if it isn’t there.


  • on Monday morning I will email each of you a set of ten (10) randomly selected peer ventures for you to review during the week.
  • review the elevator pitches for each of your ten and select the three (3) most exciting ones, from an EVA perspective, for detailed review.
  • remember that some of the ventures will be intrapreneurial or non-profit, so your EVA role may be one of a boss, principal, superintendent, etc, rather than a venture capitalist.
  • for the seven (7) unselected ventures, post a very brief EVA analysis and a positive or negative vote regarding the venture’s investment worthiness (even if you haven’t selected a venture for your final 3, you could still consider it investment-worthy).
  • for each of the three (3) selected ventures, review the full Venture Pitch and then post a brief EVA analysis (less than 300 words) and a positive or negative vote regarding the venture’s investment worthiness.  There is no requirement for you to vote positively for any of your final three.
  • if curious or eager, you many review, vote upon, and comment upon as many of the other peer ventures in the Venture Forum as you wish.
In a real-world venture forum, the early birds get the worms (meaning that the first analyst to invest in a venture scoops their colleagues).    We’re not on that kind of timeline here, but try to get your reviews done promptly, and have all of your reviews complete by the end of the last day of class.


I hope this is all clear, and lots of fun.  Good luck!


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