A4 Submissions

Some of you are ready for your A4 (Participation Portfolio) submissions, so here are a few details.

The first part is simple – select your example set of 5-10 postings, capture their links, wrap them together with a short overview of your participation, and email that directly to me.

The second part is also simple, and completely optional.  We’re always running experiments in this course, and always trying to improve it, so your comments and suggestions for making the experience more effective for future 522ers would be sincerely appreciated.   You can also email these privately to me, but don’t hesitate to post them in the blog as well.  Use the “Venture Forum” category again too, if you wish, so that other students can like/dislike your suggestion and also add comments.

For example, originally I really wanted to run the Emerging Markets Poll anew this week (along with the Venture Forum), just to see how much your opinions about the most opportunistic emerging markets had changed following weeks of immersion in them.    As fascinating as that would have been, I thought your workload this week was plenty already.   Was I right?

If you have questions, please email me or reply to this post.



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