Hello All!

My name is Karalea (Kara-lee) Hoyano and I am in my 5th and 6th class in the MET program (I am also taking ETEC 540 this term).  So far I have really enjoyed the program and the challenges it presents.  a new one for me being this platform.  I am a bit overwhelmed navigating through everything here but know as time goes on I will adjust and accustom to this as well.

A little about me…As you can see by the photo I selected, I am a softball pitcher and instructor and LOVE it! I am also a mom to three beautiful boys (aged 8 months and twins who are 3).  I am currently on maternity leave and will return to work as a 50% job share in grade 3.  I am married and have a dog who is a siberian husky/shepherd cross!

I look forward to spending time with everyone this term and learning to navigate and challenge myself through this class!

Have a great long weekend 🙂



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