Introduction – All about me

Hi Everyone:

My name is Peter, and I’ve been in the MET program for a few years now.  I’m sort of taking my time, and feel that its better to go slowly, than to rush things.  Just like good slow cooked brisket, it always tastes better.  Also, French toast done really slowly tastes much better 🙂  I suppose you now have had a taste of what I like, food.  Yes, I am foodie, a techie, and a linguist.  I love languages and cultures, and want to perhaps pursue a doctorate in the future focusing on some aspect of culture.  It’s interesting, because I am fascinated with technology, and am love apple technology.  But there is a part of me that is very earthy and romantic, and prefer to do things in the old fashioned manner.  I love antiques, old fashioned things, but really merging the new with the old.  That’s what I intend to do, merge the new technology with the old world romance of European languages and civilizations to create a new learning adventure.

So here is a checklist of what I like and what I am about:

Good food – no fast food, no chain food, no garbage snack food

Technology – Apple technology – simple, powerful, effective

Culture/Language – French, Spanish, Italian (yes I speak all fluently), and hail Britannia, we do have an English culture

Music – I love music!



A picture of me a few years old, but really its still me!


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